We .

Enlightened Productions is a creative agency with a conscience.
We find and produce digital solutions that have a positive impact on real people.

Our Work

We work on projects that are geared towards delivering social change, helping our clients build safer communities and brighter futures.

Social Impact Collective

- design / editorial

The Social Impact Collective (SIC) run initiatives that unite youth services and help young Londoners achieve. We created a brand and content strategy designed to help them inspire a sense of community between their partners.

Winning in the Game of Life

- strategy / design / editorial

Winning in the Game of Life™ is an early-intervention programme that improves standards of achievement for school children. We helped crystallise a national strategy and support all areas of creative and digital output.

The Passion Project

- strategy / design / tech

The Passion Project helps 16–24 year olds develop the skills they need to overcome challenges and realise their potential. We developed an online platform that offers pathways to employment and training and helps them record information.

Our Services

We believe in the power of identifying and analysing problems to develop understanding,
using insight to deliver solutions that really make a difference.


  • Brand engagement
  • Product development
  • Digital transformation


  • User experience (UX)
  • User interface (UI)
  • Print and packaging


  • Web development
  • iOS/Android development
  • Quality assurance


  • Brand messaging
  • Content curation
  • Social media strategy

Our Values

We are informed

The first step to finding a solution is to understand the challenge you’re facing. Behind every successful product, service or brand, there’s bound to be a foundation of knowledge and insight. 

We’re called Enlightened Productions because we make sure we’re informed about the things we produce. This means understanding what your audience wants and what your business needs. In short, we interrogate briefs, do our research and analyse every possible angle. And use these insights to add value.

We are expressive

Knowing your stuff is only half the story. We’re not just good at coming up with ideas – we’re also good at bringing them to life. 

We are expressive because we know how to communicate with real people. Because we use our understanding to deliver the right message to your audience in the right way. Because we enjoy creating solutions that touch people. From websites that simplify information to online campaigns that bring people together, our work is designed to make a tangible difference to the people that interact with it.

We are progressive

Our principles align us with services which leave an impression. The future is important for all of us; we want to use our creativity to bring about change in the world around us. 

We’re called Enlightened Productions because we’re compassionate. Because the solutions we design are people-focused. This means we create experiences that people can relate to and build services that your audience actually needs.